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More Awards and More Festivals!

We’re happy to report that PIONEER is staying strong out on the festival circuit.  We recently won our first European film fest at Festival Internacional de Cortos FIB in Spain. We were awarded First Prize by the jury and this is what they had to say about it:

“For the sobriety and restraint it shows in talking about brotherly love, about how to find one’s path in life and about how being able to imagine and recount can make us stop time.”

Just last week we were awarded the Jury Prize for Best Narrative Film at Nevada City Film Festival.

It’s all very exciting.

Here’s some more screenings we have coming up (check links for showtimes):

Sidewalk Film Festival (Birmingham, AL) August 26-28

DC Shorts Fest (Washington, DC) September 8-10

Vladivostok International Film Festival (Vladivostok, Russia) September 10-16

South Dakota Film Festival (Aberdeen, SD) September 15-18

Videofest (Dallas, TX) September 22 – 25

Tulsa International Film Festival (Tulsa, OK) September 22-25

Port Townsend Film Festival (Pt. Townsend, WA) September 23-25

Several more are on the way too!

Screenings, Screenings, and more Screenings

We just updated the Upcoming Screenings page with details on a bunch of upcoming screenings!  We’ve gotten invites to a ton of fests and we feel very lucky to be playing so many and are proud that our work will be seen on the big screen by audiences all over.

There’s even more to come that we can’t even tell you about yet!

First up is Dallas International Film Festival this Friday and Saturday.  So if you’re here in our home town please come see the film and say hi.

We’re Winners!

PIONEER was awarded the Jury Prize for Best Narrative Short at SXSW.  Thanks SXSW!


We’re all very excited to be playing SXSW this year!  Our last film, the feature St. Nick premiered at SXSW back in 2009 and we’re pleased as punch to be returning with Pioneer.  You can find all the details about our screenings here.


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